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Blow Me First

We can't overstate the importance of safe and responsible choices around driving before and after the festival.  Aside from the obvious concerns about the safety of our patrons and the local community, it's important to remember that QLD Police will be out in force before, during and after the festival to conduct alcohol and drug testing in their road operations. This is for everyone's benefit, but the statistics of alcohol and substance detection of drivers are something we want to continue to improve on.

Blow Me First will be once again offering voluntary alcohol and drug self-testing at Earth Frequency Festival, so you can check yourself before leaving the festival.  Wouldn't you rather safely assess your ability to drive before hitting the road than risk an encounter with Police leading to a fine, loss of licence, or even worse, a road incident ?

Let's all keep road safety in mind this year and work together to bring the statistics down!

Facilitating on the front line of music festivals Australia-wide, Blow Me First is the leading intoxication information and education based service. Operating since 2010, they have been exploring innovative and practical solutions to ensure patron safety and wellbeing at events.

Blow Me First’s aim is to promote safe social environments by raising awareness amongst consumers to understand their level of intoxication, and make informed choices based on that knowledge. Forming a friendly conversation in a positive context about the effects of inebriates, and the dangers of associated behaviours, empowers festival-goers to make responsible decisions.

Blow Me First will be located at two locations at this year’s festival: one internally, and one at the main gate. The service is designed to
give patrons access to a breath test or saliva swab before leaving the festival. Blow Me First’s long term sponsor Drager has also worked tirelessly to further improve the quality of testing swabs in the market, and are now the leading player in this field. Offering the highest quality and standard of testing equipment that will be readily available at this years event, this partnership allows Blow Me First to provide the best road products at an affordable price to the consumer.