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BYO Bottle

As part of our sustainablity and environmental focus, Earth Frequency is promoting the #byobottle movement and doing away with single-use plastic water bottles. Bring Your Own Bottle is a Green Music Australia initiative (and all-round great idea) that enlists music festivals and artists around Australia to commit to removing single-use water bottles from their events. 

We are committing to supplying only reusable bottles across our entire production and we’re asking all of our patrons to Bring Your Own Bottle too. This also means bringing reusable bulk water containers for your camp or filling up your own reusable bottle at water points, rather than filling up our bins with thousands of throw-away water bottles and containers every year. Water from all our amenities blocks is clean drinking water, and additional water points are available across the site.

More information on this will be released in the coming weeks leading up to EFF2022.