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Core Values

Although Earth Frequency Festival is a once a year event, and in some ways a transient moment in people’s lives, we like to think that what keeps this event filled with good vibes and a peaceful atmosphere is an underlying sense of community. We are not just strangers coming together for entertainment. We are a group of connected friends and family, working together to create a beautiful shared experience. As a community, we do have an ongoing responsibility to ourselves and to our local area to maintain a high level of integrity and positive behaviour, and so we want to share with you what we consider to be the core values of Earth Frequency Festival.



Respect yourself.  Be mindful of your behaviour and attitude and how you treat yourself during the festival. Think twice before intoxicating yourself or wearing yourself thin over the festival. Good sleep, good health and a clear mind will raise your vibe high and leave you feeling much better at the end of the festival!  

Respect each other.  This is essential for the festival to feel like a community. We have a zero tolerance approach to any acts of violence, bullying or other abusive behaviours. Show love to strangers and friends alike and treat others as you would wish to be treated.

Respect the local community. We are privileged to be able to host this festival at such an amazing venue. Unlike some outdoor venues, Ivory’s Rock is situated very close to a rural community and as such, consideration and respect for the local area residents is essential.  Please be sure to check out the Festival Guidelines page and the Local Area Considerations page.  We are making a continued effort to improve particularly with the issues of trespassing, littering and intoxicated driver statistics.

Respect the Earth. Earth Frequency has always been located at beautiful outdoor venues, and we strive to minimise our impact in various ways.  You can do your bit by carpooling, considering what you bring to the festival, separating recyclables, minimising waste, and taking your rubbish home. Be sure to read the information on our Sustainability Page and keep this in mind when planning your festival weekend.  Please also be mindful of wildlife in the local area and drive slowly and carefully. And finally, please support our eco-initiatives, which include making a donation to our chosen local environmental charity - QTFN.


Diversity and Tolerance

Earth Frequency Festival is a celebration of community and connection. We celebrate the diversity of our audience - different generations, different backgrounds, different stories. Please help us to maintain the friendly and loving vibe of this festival by showing respect and tolerance for every person you come across, and by sharing the love.  Too many people have to deal with intolerance or discrimination in their daily lives. Let’s keep Earth Frequency a space for everyone to feel safe and free.


Family and Community

Earth Frequency Festival prides itself on being a family friendly event. Since 2008 we have included a family space as part of the festival and each year the range of activities and entertainment for children keeps growing.  Having both the ideals of a festival where people can enjoy and express themselves more freely than in their daily lives, and maintaining a family friendly event is sometimes a tricky balance, but we believe in the positive message of this festival and will continue working to make the festival an inclusive space for all ages.  Please keep this in mind at all times. Earth Frequency Festival is not intended as a place to get trashed and act trashy.  We are striving to create a positive, uplifting experience, and we ask you to bring your best and finest self along, and to enjoy the festival in a way that sets a positive example for the next generation.


Continual Improvement

We follow a philosophy of continual improvement for our internal management and for how we work together as a community. There is always room for improvement and we all have an individual responsibility for how the collective whole functions.  As the festival matures and finds its sustainable form, we will continue to communicate our goals and strategies to help improve the festival inside and out.  

In 2022 we would like to see an improvement in some areas which have been raised in previous years.  Some important points to consider include safe driving (don’t speed or drive under the influence ever!), respecting the neighbouring properties (do not stop along Mount Flinders Rd or turn off in to any of the side roads - drive directly in to the venue as this will minimise any inconvenience for the local residents) and most importantly, don’t sneak in!! We have unfortunately had some cases of people sneaking in to the festival by trespassing through neighbouring properties and this is unacceptable. As a result, we will have to take a hard line approach to this behaviour and there will be a coordinated approach with police and the neighbours to minimise the issues associated with sneak-ins.