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Decorination is Melbourne based artist Mike Dutkowski. Over the last 10 years his been able to craft his skills and gain a reputation for outstanding stage designs, art installations and nightclub fitouts across Australia. Working consistantly with well respected festivals and events, such as Rainbow Serpent, Babylon, Ergot, Let The Eat Cake, The DOT, Wild Horses, Where The Wild Things Are, Petting Zoo and many more. Mike also plies his trade in Europe each year for the summer festival season, working as part of the EDSA (extra dimensional space agency) decor crew. Mainly handling CNC work and LED work. His already got some big international festivals under his belt.. Boom 2018 (portugal), Shankra 2016, 2019 (swiss), Psyfi 2016 (netherlands), Summer Never Ends 2017 (swiss) and Modem 2017, 2018, 2019 (croatia).