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Eclectic Lair

Eclectic Lair is the creative project of Sophia Hawkes, a Writer, Death activist, and Mystery Maker who attended her first Psytrance party almost two decades ago when she visited Israel. Once she returned home to Sweden, where she was born, nothing could keep her away from the underground Forest party scene. Sophia moved to Australia thirteen years ago so a large part of her psychadelc festival experience has taken place here. However the mythology and fairytale narrative of the Swedish forest continues to inspire her and feed her creative endevours as much as her life in Australia. After four years of working with Fulcrum Design assisting with stage and shade construction and decor Sophia began her solo-project Eclectic Lair. Eclectic Lair seeks to manifest aspects of the rebelious beauty, natural wonders and etherial creatures Sophia has befriended on her long journey through the mystery. But really the foundation to Eclectic Lair was laid sitting on her grandmothers' laps whilst they were sewing, embroidering, crocheting and knitting.