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Mandalas of Light

from Brazil

We have passion for mandalas and textiles, and its many possibilities. The amazing creative process of weaving the mandala, using different fibres, creating different patterns and colours, is an interesting meditative practice where we connect with positive qualities within ourselves. Mandalas are symbols that capture our minds in a unique way. We believe its patterns can affect our psyche in a positive manner, leading us to embrace oneness, peace, silence and self-power. Mandalas and the effects of their colours have the power to nurture a seed, a sacred place within us, allowing us to experience harmony and clarity. Beyond that, it is also a wonderful ornament that brings protection, serenity and balance to the atmosphere of any home or business. We learned the technique in Brazil, our home country. We use wooden and bamboo dowels as structure; and we weave using wool, alpaca, acrylic, and cotton. During the creation process, we carefully choose the colours in order to create a piece with meaning and harmony. Since we started to study mandalas and their meaning, we are absolutely fascinated by the power they hold. We feel blessed for being able to explore this fascinating symbol with our hands and we are happy to share it with others. ;-) With love, Mia + Sauro