Earth Frequency Road Safety Message

With just a few weeks to go, we would like to remind everyone about one of the most important aspects of the festival - Road Safety.  The past 12 months has seen a lot of extra attention on music festivals around Australia in relation to issues around road safety, illicit substances, and a number of tragic incidents at major music events.  Earth Frequency Festival works hard to maintain a safe and professional event, but it is a collective effort that EVERYONE needs to be part of the ensure we have an incident free event and do not cause issues for the local area where we hold the festival.

Earth Frequency cooperates fully with the Queensland Police Service, and they will be out in force to help us make this year's festival safe for both us and for the local community.  This year their initiatives will include a major road safety operation which will consist of alcohol and drug testing at both fixed locations and mobile patrols, tactical crime squad maintaining a presence at the front gate to respond to any local disturbances, and we have been advised that a drug detection dog will be used at some points in conjunction with the road safety operation.

Please understand and respect our stance on illicit substances and impaired driving.

  • Make sure you are sober and well rested before driving to and from the festival
  • Please do not bring illicit substances to the festival - you are increasing your own personal risks aswell as the risk factor for the local community.
  • Utilise the on site drug and alcohol testing service if you have any doubts about your ability to drive - this service will be available at the main paramedics base and at the festival exit on Monday and Tuesday.

We are here to celebrate life, community, music and art in a safe and peaceful manner, so please do not make irresponsible choices that puts you and other people's lives at risk.