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Aeirlughe Graw is a mum of two, seven year old Auren and four year old Alena - and a recently qualified Somatic Therapist and Nervous System Educator. She has been interested in play therapy since her early 20's when she worked for a children's charity that offered play therapy programs. Facing her own fear of play has been an essential key in her healing journey. She lives in Helidon, QLD with her family.

Healing with Play

Play is how we learn best, especially as children. The right brain, reponsible for regulation and feelings of safety is built on experience. Play allows us to create experiences together that empower, excite and connect... ...but for many of us as parents, play can feel scary. In this talk, we will explore ways that we can enjoy our families more, while growing healthy bodies and minds that are flexible, robust, adaptable and connected. Come, ask questions, and become a more playful parent.