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Aeirlughe Graw is an Energy Medicine Practitioner and self-confessed child development fanatic. Passionate about the power of emotional self-care, self-regulation, and connected parenting, she lives and breathes a conscious way of living that is the key to a deeply fulfilling life. An advocate for absolute self-responsibility, she teaches a way of being that empowers both parents and children alike.

Thriving with Young Children

It's an intense time of life. Often chaotic. Combined with this, we experience a loss of control. When children are born, everything changes. We get thrown into a whole new world, and in the midst of all this change, it can be hard to function at our best. This is the exact reason that self-care is so important. In this talk, we will explore how you can optimize your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual self-care, in the midst of life with young children. The most powerful thing that you can do to improve your parenting, increase your energy levels and cultivate healthy relationships with your children, is to be deeply self-connected, centred and nourished. It is when WE are calm and centred that our children vibe off that. Life gets easier, and you experience more flow. Come and explore this space, and learn how by setting loving limits, communicating authentically and being strong and centered in yourself, you really can thrive.