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World Tribe

Ben Morrisson is lead counsellor at World Tribe, a practice dedicated to the healthy development of identity and relationships. Ben is an educator, coach and counsellor. he works with clients through the various challenges of making lifestyle choices, developing ideintity and maximising their communciation. Ben believes that much of the way we communicate, and treat each other are habits that are deeply ingrained into our social experience often to the detriment of our relationships and happiness. He is currently working on his book “The Secret Business of Men” : A guide to developing healthy men in modern society. He is dedicated to helping people meet the challenges of relationships and negotiate their way to healthy identities. Ben brings years of professional and personal experience working school students and coaching clients to meet the challenges and expectations of living a modern lifestyle.

Authentic Communication for Kids (and parents) & Integrating Love Languages into your Family Communication

Ben believes that the way we communicate is sometimes simply the result of habit, and behaviours that we have learned. He also believes that what has been learned can be unlearned. His first workshop, "Authentic communication for Kids" aims to assist parents to look at the communication they have with partners and children. It will help parents have clearer communication with each other improve communication examples in their home, as well as foster deeper more accurate communication with children that will encourage deeper understanding for everyone in the family. Ben's second workshop, "Integrating love languages into your Family Communication" provides a great set of tools for aligning your messages of love to everyone in your family. Dax/Ben will guide through identifying your love languages and integrating them within your family. A fun insightful thought provoking workshop.