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Carolyn Mandersloot is fresh off The Funny Mummies Comedy Gala tour with Jenny Wynter, who said “Carolyn is an exciting talent with genuine warmth and off the charts likeability. She makes you feel like you’re having a cuppa with a hilarious bestie: she will make you spill your tea”. Carolyn has also performed at the Melbourne International Comedy festival earlier this year with her "Parenting Fails" show and is looking forward to bringing her unique and hilarious humour to the Parenting Place. Comedy legend Greg Sullivan said “Carolyn is warm, silly, strong, wise, very womanly and a bit scary. She has been at many births and deaths, is a force of nature and a great big dag”.

Stand Up Comedy Parents Only

This show is for anyone who ever busted out of their mum, (or was hoisted out the sunroof), but it does come with a warning: there will be adult content, language and jokes that literally caused light bladder leakage from one audience member at the last performance. So come along, have a giggle and if you've given birth in the last year maybe wear your Depends for good measure.