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Hi, I’m Chon and I’m a certified big kid- expert in fun. For most of my life I lived with anxiety and perfectionism, never believing I was worthy enough to be myself. I’ve spent many years unlearning all the conditionings that led me to believe this and now I have the honour of sharing all that I’ve learned with as many people as possible, young and old. Many years working in Outdoor Education and then becoming a yoga teacher, kids yoga specialist and kids coach has given me amazing opportunities to work with kids and adults from all walks of life, to learn from them and share what I can to help them grow along their journey. I’m so excited to share all the magic with you at Earth Frequency.

Family Yoga

Imagine if we all learnt the foundations and principles of yoga when we were children! This Family Yoga workshop is an interactive and engaging opportunity for children and adults to explore yoga through play. To connect deeper with the self and build confidence within the group in a supportive, safe and fun environment. We will play lots of yoga games and explore movement and breathing tools to foster co-regulation and happy nervous systems. BYO Mats/ blankets or towels if you can, otherwise feel free to rough it up a bit.