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Egla Brunet is a mother of 2, flow artist, conscious movement facilitator, life’s traveler and Earth’s lover. She has experience in varied movement practices like contemporary, ballet, folk dance, Latin dance and theatrical expression. She graduated from the School of Arts in Kaunas, Lithuania and the Biodanza Dragon Butterfly School in Oslo, Norway. She has been facilitating Biodanza workshops since 2011, running weekly classes in Oslo and leading workshops in various gatherings and festivals in Norway, Sweden, UK, Lithuania, India and Australia. She believes Biodanza is an amazing powerful and gentle approach to personal and communal well being. It creates a supportive space for practicing being and expressing our true selves while allowing our hearts to open up and shine.

Family Biodanza - Dance of Life

Come and be your most authentic self, warm up your body and soul to groovy rhythms from all the corners of the Earth! This is a safe space for all ages to play and have fun while moving your body and creating new friendships. Deepen connection and communication between our heart, body, mind and environment, create new positive neural pathways, be inspired for courage and curiosity, become a more happy, joyful, alive, loving, creative, present and authentic version of You! There are no steps or special movements to learn, no prior knowledge, experience or preparation is needed. In the workshop everyone participates at his or her own pace, experience and abilities. Exercises are diverse and are done individually, in pairs or in groups. Get out of your head and sink into your heart, into your being. Simply come as you are, dance, play, have fun, connect with your body and your tribe!