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GIAP Art Visions, was manifested in mid 2014 and revolves around bringing art and creativity to the community. Run by Jenna Howearth, artist Rob McDonald (HerbRobert) and working alongside artist Angela Davies, they aim to create and support events which inspire creativity within the individual, in turn building a more creatively conscious community. Jenna, Rob and Angela have been collaborating with artists and makers for the past 5 years, running creative events and exhibitions. From stencil art workshops, live art jams, festival decor as well as developing interactive art installations, they continue to build and evolve creative spaces to inspire.

Decor Artz

Blurring the lines between artist and viewer, not only are we bringing our communal colouring stations for some creative fun, but this year we are extending our communal art concept to a whole new level. By mashing up a stencil spray art workshop and some geometric d├ęcor designs, we are going to bring the Family Realm to life and you are going to help us! Join artists Angela Davies and HerbRobert in painting geometric shapes, which will become part of a stunning design that will draw you into the Family Realm. Learn masking off techniques, how to use spray paints, play with our custom designed stencils and top it off with glow in the dark paint to add your piece to the puzzle. The finished design, including your artwork, will be attached to the outside of the Family Realm fence to be marveled at by all for the whole festival. So if you are 12 years or older and want to collaborate in creating an exciting new visual delight this Earth Frequency, make sure you come and sign up! Workshop will be held on Saturday morning so the design can be up for the remainder of the festival and maximum 24 participants or until all the shapes are painted.