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Nicholas has been working with Puppets for the last 8 years, his unique blend of live music and puppetry has taking hime to festivals all over the world including: Boom festival PT, Glastonbury UK and Boomtown UK.

Puppet Show

The Krazy Koala Puppet show combines catchy live music, slap stick comedy and charismatic puppets in a show which will delight the entire family. Performing their favourite songs including "Puppets like to Party" & " Life much better when we all get along" the puppets are sure to make all the kids and most of the adults laugh. come join in the fun. Here to delight audiences with their catchy songs and krazy puppet dance moves, the Krazy Koala Puppet Show have recently returned from their UK tour, where the Puppets performed at many festivals, including Glastonbury. This show is fantastic for the entire family.