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I have been practicing yoga for most of my adult life and have been teaching regularly since 2014. I teach my beloved hot yoga, flowing Vinyasa as well as restorative Yin Yoga classes. I also teach fun-packed family and kids’ yoga at festivals. I love sharing the wonders of yoga, my teaching style is supportive and encourages you to dig deeper into your practice. When we create space in our body and between breaths, we also create space in our minds and this ripples out into our whole life. This space is such a gift to ourselves and brings more peace to our whole life.

Gentle Yoga for Parents

Parents, come join me for some gentle, slow-paced yoga. Your older kids can join in the Kids Space activities and your little ones are welcome to join you in this deeply relaxing yoga practice. There is no expectation for children to be still or quiet, and you can tend to their needs as required. I will guide you through a gentle yoga flow that will nourish the body and soothe the mind. This yoga suits every body and no previous experience is necessary. You can do it holding a baby or with your child close by. As well as mindful movements, we will explore simple mindfulness and meditation techniques that you can simply integrate into your daily life. As we flow through the postures and connect with the breath a sense of softening, relaxation and calm will leave you refreshed and ready for more family/festival action.