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Samantha Starshine

The Awareness Boosting Collection, Grow Flow Publishing

Samantha is passionate about the nexus between people and planet, using imagination as a super-power to influence reality. For adults, she writes on motherhood for cultural change, foresight embodiment and regenerative leadership. This is Samantha’s first children’s book for ‘The Awareness Boosting Collection,’ a series of stories and workbooks that encourage children to connect in awareness with themselves, others, AND the environment.

The Awareness Boosting Community - Annie Ant's Awareness

Samantha Starshine will offer a reading of her self-published children's book, Annie Ant's Awareness. Her style has been dubbed 'Dr Seuss meets Deepak Chopra'. After reading the story together, Samantha will engage participants in self and family connection activities to explore the concept of awareness. Story Reading workshops: Saturday 10am. Monday 10am. Ages 3-8