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Spirited Midwifery is born of the passion and care of two women. Talitha, a Private Practicing Midwife and Laura, a Shamanic Craftswoman, offer their knowledge, words and presence to the mothers, fathers, (& those in the making), carers, birth workers and the experiences they come with.

Pregnancy and Birth : A Shamanic Womancraft Perspective & Birth Workers and Professionals: A Sacred Circle for Sharing and Holding

Pregnancy and birth: a shamanic Womancraft perspective - Gentle, Empowering, Sacred. Pregnancy offers a potent opportunity for women to connect deeply with their innate wisdom, inner guidance and spiritual nature. This session is deal for all pregnant women & their partners, women considering pregnancy and those with young babes. During this session we will explore the journey to birth as a circle, sharing our insights and fears, using Shamanic processes and ritual to release and transform fears to clear the way for birth. We will offer a drum journey to contemplate the personal stories, beliefs, previous experiences and expectations around birth, to journey inwards to connect with baby/soul baby/your body, to seek guidance, inner wisdom, clarity and information. Followed by: Birth Workers and Professionals: A Sacred Circle for Sharing and Holding- Nurture, Inspire, Community. Inviting Midwives, Doulas, Midwifery Students, Nurses, Doctors, Natural Health Practitioners. We offer this circle to connect, share and inspire one another as we contribute to the growth, birth and wellbeing of our community. The values of our practice sustain us as does the awareness of self care. Supporting ourselves and our community will create greater strength in that which we offer.