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Spirited Midwifery

From A Midwife and a Traditional Birth Attendant

Spirited Midwifery is born from the passion of two women - Talitha, a Midwife and Laura, a Traditional Birth Attendant. They have presented their broad knowledge, experience and compassion regarding the Rites of Passage of pregnancy, birth and care of the womb in the Parenting Place several times.

The Birthing Journey and Womb Welcoming

Laura and Talitha offer a discussion forum, sharing information and perspectives of a Midwife coming from a hospital care system and a Traditional Birth Attendant sharing from a homebirth choice. This Festival ’Spirited Midwifery’ intend to explore the creating of space a woman can make within and out to lead her toward a powerful birthing experience. Secondly we will facilitate a space connecting to the womb centre through guided drum journey, story-telling and information around caring and connecting with the womb .