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Su Foster (aka Dj Su REAL) has spent the last two decades raising four children with partner Ande, and along the journey has frequently questioned past patterns of parenting. Surely to evolve as humans we must continually improve the way we treat each other and this includes how we raise our children. After having the opportunity to home-school her own children for many years, Su became a state school teacher and now teaches five and six year olds with a flexible approach and lots of music, fun and time in nature! She is keen to share and discuss insights from her journey of parenting and working with young children.

You’re Not the Boss of Me

Parents who allow their children to make their own decisions have been labelled as permissive or “wimpy” parents who let their children “get their own way,” much to their detriment. However it is not so black and white - these parents do not just “give in” to children, but genuinely consider their right have a voice and a choice. The pathway of negotiation and reaching consensus can be a challenging one but ultimately hugely rewarding for both parents and children. As coercion and control is replaced with authenticity and respect, children are empowered to become confident, self-reliant individuals. This talk will challenge some common assumptions about parenting, and cover topics such as play and social interactions (sharing!), tantrums, accountability, autonomy, communication (connection), self-esteem, and resilience.