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Festival Venue

We are very happy to be returning to our awesome venue - Ivory's Rock - for the 2022 edition of Earth Frequency Festival.  Located near Peak Crossing, in the lush setting of the Scenic Rim, South-East Queensland, Ivory's Rock is a beautiful and well established outdoor events venue.  With its natural vibe and top notch facilities and amenities, we are confident this will be an amazing venue for Earth Frequency Festival for years to come.

Ivory's Rock is ideally located for travel from locations to the north and south - less than an hour's drive from the Brisbane CBD, 1.5 hours from the Gold Coast, and a 2 hour drive from either Byron Bay or the Sunshine Coast. 

Some of the key features we were impressed by when choosing this venue include its flat camping, easy accessibility and good roads, lush natural environment, 150+ flushing toilets (onsite sewage treatment means that irrigation water is the output of the festival), 100+ showers, and the list goes on.  This site has been developed with sustainability, natural beauty and comfort in mind and we're very honoured to be able to stage EFF2022 at this awesome venue.  We truly believe that Ivory's Rock provides one of the most comfortable festival experiences anywhere in Australia!

We ask that you visit our Festival Guidelines, Venue FAQ, Sustainability and Camping pages to make sure you are familiar with the location and event rules before you leave for the site. These pages will give you a lot of information on our festival venue, what to bring, and what not bring, camping options, and other useful info which will help you have a safe and enjoyable weekend, and help us to continue to hold this event in a sustainable way.

And please remember ..

No Dogs, No Glass, No Exceptions!
Consider what you bring and help us to Leave No Trace!



Here is some history and insight from the venue from the Ivory's Rock team:

Ivory’s rock is situated in a beautiful valley south-west of Brisbane, surrounded by ancient volcanic hills. This amazing location abounds with a wide variety of native birds and animals living amongst an environment of natural eucalypt forest and open grasslands. This land was home to the first human inhabitants for thousands of years, providing food, shelter and fresh water.

 After European settlement in the 1850‘s, the land became a source of timber, principally Iron bark and Hoop pine and cattle grazing became the principal activity. For many years the land was grazed by cattle, horses and even pigs. Around the creek beds sand was quarried. Over time much of the land became degraded. The hillsides were marked by the grey skeletons of ring barked trees.

Prem Rawat has been visiting Australia since 1972 speaking in all the capital cities about his message of inner peace. In the early 1990s it was thought it would be a good idea to have an outside venue, a private place where people could come and listen to stories about the beauty within. After some searching, this beautiful valley was found and the first event with Prem Rawat was held there in 1992 under the trees, the sun and the stars. Prem has spoken at Ivory’s Rock nearly every year since then, to audiences of up to 5,000 people from over 50 countries who have come to hear and be inspired by his message of peace.

The venue is used regularly by many clients, seeking a harmonious natural place, with plenty of space, with excellent facilities available.  Over time the ring barked trees have gone,  the fencing has been removed and the natural vegetation has quietly returned to grace the valleys.  

Ivory’s Rock is home to over 150 species of birds from tiny honeyeaters to the glorious Wedge Tailed Eagle riding the air currents above the hills in the lazy sunny afternoons. There are three types of Wallaby, the abundant Rednecked Wallaby on the plains, the agile Pretty Face wallaby on the slopes and far above all the ridge lines the rare Brushed  Tailed Rock Wallaby. A myriad of other creatures including koalas, tiny sugar gliders, frogs and the Grey Kangaroo live softly, mostly invisibly, amongst the trees.

Surrounded by a dedicated conservation area, the venue is managed in keeping with the natural environment, and will continue to move towards sustainability and harmony with the natural world. 

At the end of the day, when the show stops, listen for a moment and you can hear the music of the bush and if you listen carefully, beyond the sound of your breath, you can even hear the stars and the planet sing.