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First Lineup Announcement

We've been working hard over the recent winter weeks, and it is with massive excitement that we now share with you the first music lineup announcement for EFF2020!!  A massive and diverse first serving of musical delights spanning the full range of the Earth Frequency sonic spectrum, and we think this might be our hugest first announcement ever. There's something for everyone in this first offering, with sounds ranging from progressive, psytrance and techno, through to glitch-hop, mid tempo and live acoustic vibes. Remember - this is just the beginning - we have a lot more to announce in the coming weeks for our very special 15th anniversary edition.

Electric Ballroom - Germany
Gravitas Recordings - France
TesseractStudio - Serbia
Slurp Music - Australia
Shoshin - UK
(DJ Set) Interchill - UK
TesseractStuido - Serbia
Dear Deer / Bassic Records - Brazil
Zenon Records - Brazil
Jungle Cakes - UK
Independant - Australia
Zenon Records - USA
East Van Digital - Canada
Weapon Records - Australia
Gravitas - USA
Moontribe - USA
Kinematic Records - Australia
Street Ritual - USA
Open Records - Australia