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Farm to Truck Authentic Naughty but clean Mexican Cuisine prepared and served with Love...our menu evolves and revolves around the natural availability of our local farms and the crowds we anticipate to nourish. Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Preservative Free, Clean ethically sourced meats and all you can House made sauce Bar just like teh taco stands in Baja. Locally Sourced/Globally Influenced Based from the Red dirt farms of Cudgen, NSW. Bringing home our California born 1980 P30 Chevy Step-van and Mamatrish's years of experience living on the fishing village of Popotla, Baja Mexico km 33. We start with hand selecting all our produce directly from local farms, importing the necessary mild but BOLD spices and ingredients from Mexico, marinating all particularly sourced meats ourselves using traditional methods of smoking and slow cooking, our vast private chili gardens create all our house-made sauces ranging from MILD and BOLD to you’ll remember us in the morning All Mexican cocinas have a pot Beans, rice and fresh tortillas at all times…the staples of our menu are naturally gluten and preservative free. The whole Black Bean and long grain rice together become a “complete protein”… from here we layer the authentically prepared meats, fish, fruits and veggies creating the perfect balance of big flavours.