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Frequency Village

The Frequency Village is a cultural village with a focus upon transformational workshops, healing, speakers, panels & experiences. The village is designed to raise the frequency of festival attendants through conscious content & evolutionary experiences, comprising of multiple realms. Check out an inspirational panel, catch an evolutionary speaker, immerse yourself in sacred sounds, learn a new life skill, get a massage, join us for yoga daily, and more…there’s something for everybody in the Village.

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Ambient Set
Sacred stance through the Maori voice
The System is Fucked – So What’s Our Alternative?
Drug policy and Eldership in the festival community: towards a new paradigm of responsibility and safety in music and lifestyle festivals
Building with Bamboo
Introduction to Zen Shiatsu Therapy
Ayahuasca and Shipibo Plant Spirit Shamanism
How to Cultivate Loving Awareness in Daily Life
Shamanic Medicine Songs - The healing vibration of the voice
Church of The Goddess
Capoeria Beginners Workshop
Primordial Play
Vocal Clearing and Expression
The Five Pillars of Medicine
Woman’s and Men’s Circle and Sound and Movement Medicine Journey - An ancient ritual of tribal connection.
Permaculture Plants : Planting for Life
Balacing Your Masculine & Feminine Divinty
Trance Dance & Breath Journey
Zenthai Shiatsu Partner Yoga and Massage Swap
Hatha yoga with alignment
The Fabulous Fungus Among Us: A magical journey from ancient homebrewed beverages to modern medicinal mushroom cultivation
Psychedelics and The Law - A true story
Unveiling Your Illusion
Crystal Macrame Necklace
The Magic Infinity 8 – A Tribal Bellydance Workshop with Entwined
Fun big games OR Hula Hoop workshop
Learn to Use Kinesiology
Meridian Energy Dance
Hindu Gods & Goddesses : Their Archetypal Meanings
Waste-Free Living: The Basics and Beyond
Medicine Drum Journey
Learn to draw and paint tattoo flash
Hawaiian Shamanic Healing
Elemental Voices : Activate, Awaken and Empower Your Unique Singing Voice
Design Your Life with Permaculture : a visioning process
Elemental Voices
Write and Ritual
Dancing in your Elements
Sensual Shakti Yoga
The Art of Flow - Circus workshop
Pranayama- Breath and sound healing
Finding new creativity through guided improvisation
Seed Swap and Surplus Share
Reaching Impossible