Frequency Village

The Frequency Village is a cultural village with a focus upon transformational workshops, healing, speakers, panels & experiences. The village is designed to raise the frequency of festival attendants through conscious content & evolutionary experiences, comprising of multiple realms – Mind Node, Body Node, Soul Node & Healing Node. Check out an inspirational panel, catch an evolutionary speaker, immerse yourself in sacred sounds, learn a new life skill, get a massage, join us for yoga daily, and more…there’s something for everybody in the Village.

Mind Node – dedicated to talks/experiential workshops/panels focused on Environmental, Social, Futurist, Cultural, Conscious & Evolutionary themes.

Body Node - dedicated to talks/experiential workshops focused on Yoga, Dance, Movement, Martial Arts, Circus Arts & more.

Soul Node - dedicated to talks/experiential workshops focused on Healing, Ritual, Personal Development, Sound Technologies, Meditation, Inner Realms & Shamanic themes.

We are happy to now present the 2017 Frequency Village program!