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Green Actions Challenge

For this year's festival, we are excited to announce the Green Actions Challenge, where you can go into the running to win a double pass to Earth Frequency Festival 2020 by reducing your environmental impact and documenting as you go. 


How it works

There are 5 easy actions we can all take to reduce our ecological footprint:
WasteReduce, BYO, Rideshare, Leave No Trace and Spread the Word (details below).  

To enter the competition, pick one action, take a photo of it (or you in action doing it!)

and upload the photo to Instagram with the hashtag #GreenActionsEarthFrequency and @earth_frequency. You'll go into the running to win the double pass to Earth Frequency 2020.

One image = one entry, with a maximum of five per person, one for each action. The more actions you do, the more chances you have of winning. The random winner will be drawn on the 22nd of February and announced on Instagram. 


The Green Actions

  •  Waste Reduce: Show us your minimally packaged doof larder! Whether you're snacking from a shopping bag or have a whole RV kitchen, show us how you've reduced the amount of non recyclable, non compostable food packaging. Whether you've popped your dry food into reusable containers, brought recyclable tins, cooked and frozen your meals before coming or just brought lots of fresh fruit n veg, show us your minimally packaged food stash! Extra kudos for organic, bulk and local produce. 

  • BYO: Bring your own drink bottle, coffee mug, cutlery and bowl for use in the market. Though all the crockery and cutlery available in the market is biodegradable, "reduce" and "reuse" come before "recycle" in the 5 R's - refuse, reduce, reuse, repair, recycle. Show us you and your reusables ~ and how you've attached them to yourself for easy carrying around the festival. 

  • Rideshare: Roadtripping to Earth Freq with a full car is way more fun than going it alone! Plus we reduce the amount of fossil fuel we burn to get here, fewer cars on site mean shorter wait times to get in and we get to split petrol costs. Win, win, win, win. Show us your full car when you arrive! 

  • Spread the Word: Help us to remind everyone to do the right thing and take green actions at Earth Frequency.. make a sign for your campsite or to remind your neighbours as they walk by, bring a bunch of old film canisters to give away as butt bins or make little eco inspiration love notes to give away to your new friends.. get creative for eco-action-engagement! Use your creativity, use recyclaimed/recyclable materials and document everything you do with photos! 

  • Leave No Trace: Save some phone battery to take a photo of your spotless campsite before you leave.. bonus points if you can get your car containing your homeward bound rubbish bags in the shot. Remember to get breath tested before you leave! 


Take a screenshot of the summary below for easy access:

Earth Frequency Green Actions Challenge:

  • Rideshare (full car on the way)

  • Wastereduce (food packaging)

  • BYO (water bottle, mug etc)

  • Spread the Word (find creative ways to remind others to do the right thing)

  • Leave No Trace (clean campsite)


Post images to instagram, with @earth_frequency and #GreenActionsEarthFrequency to win a free pass to Earth Frequency 2020.