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With different yet complementary backgrounds, Ché and Asher are a vibrant and inspiring duo who work to promote positive change for the Planet by educating, motivating and demonstrating how easy it can be to live a virtuous life. With 9 years of waste-free living experience, and having taken different paths to living this way, this couple offers a complete and well-rounded approach to sustainable lifestyle change. Ché and Asher strive to understand the issue of waste on multiple levels; from individual psychology, consumer culture and economics to environmental effects, sustainability, and human health. They have recently returned from the World's first Plastic Health Summit in the Netherlands, further fueling their passion to spread awareness and are extremely excited to help share these groundbreaking scientific findings. Asher is a contemporary dance artist dedicated to making work that stimulates social and environmental change, helping others connect to their bodies through movement and bringing attention to those without a voice. She created The Waste Free Way, a guide to waste free living, supporting people to align their lifestyles with their values. Ché is a Director, Choreographer and Movement Artist involved in numerous socially meaningful projects that provide support for many issues including domestic violence, environmental conservation and animal liberation. He is also an Exercise Physiologist, Lifestyle Coach and Zenthai Shiatsu therapist. His passion lies in being of service to society's ever growing conscious awakening.

Integrating waste free living in a modern world

It is safe to assume that, by now, everyone in the Western World has been exposed to the global environmental issues caused by the waste we produce as a species. This increased awareness is a strong driver for change, but it also harbours guilt and leaves many of us feeling lost and inadequate. "I should be doing more", "you shouldn't be using that." So much to change at the rate of urgency that we all feel can overwhelm us to the point of paralysis. In this talk, we navigate through the issues that hinder us from moving to a waste free lifestyle and lay out the pathways for change in a personal, relatable and practical way. Positive lifestyle changes can be permanent if implemented slowly, maintaining a positive relationship with our own paths and honouring our differences.