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Joey Chang aka CelloJoe is an anomaly in the world of cellists. Cello + beatboxing + vocals + live looping = Cello Joe Cello Joe plays the cello while beatboxing, looping, and singing. It's Classical Hip Hop. He creates fat beats with a cello and his mouth and he does it live! His lyrics weave together sustainability, environmental justice, and social awareness. They entertain, inspire, and make you wonder. By beatboxing, throatsinging, singing, plucking and bowing the cello, CelloJoe can mimic many styles of music from dubstep to folk to rock to classical to hip hop. CelloJoe is the world's first long distance musical bike touring cellist.  He has ridden his bike over 10,000 miles in the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Australia. 

Green Touring: Adventures in Bicycle Music

Joey Chang (CelloJoe) has traveled over 10,000 miles by bicycle with his cello and played all over the world at festivals, bars, clubs, schools, plazas, on boats and on street corners.  Mr Chang has traveled solo as well as with a group called The Pleasant Revolution in the US, Mexico, Canada, Europe, and Australia. The group transported all their gear by bicycle and public transportation. They didn't use a support car, truck, or van. They also utilized generators on their bicycles to make electricity for a pedal powered sound system which allowed them to perform anywhere from the beach to the forest to plazas in city centers without needing to plug into the electrical grid. Get inspired to go on a bicycle adventure and learn how you can transition into a new type of music touring that is more sustainable, builds community, and reduces our impact on the environment. Mr. Chang will show incredible pictures from all of his travels.