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Daniel and Murray Witham

Australian citizens. Spoken for Australian Psychedelic Society (both Melb and Syd events) as well as international Support Don't Punish day. Radio on Enpsychedelia 3CR Melbourne. Public speakers on drug law reform, harm reduction and personal experiences.

Hi there EFF family, my name is Daniel Witham. I wish to do an information packed, heart wrenching and heart warming talk on psychedelics and the law - a true story of jail time for small amounts of psychedelics in Australia to spread awareness and information on this highly important topic. I would be sharing my story of prison time for native psilocybe mushrooms in NSW with information on what to do if you're caught with psychedelics or other substances, your rights, HR in relation to their use, with a talk by my father who has joined me on several occasions to share his side of this incredible story of ours. I'd like my father to be my co-speaker at your wonderful event which I have attended several times since 2011. I was jailed in 2015 for psilocybe mushrooms in NSW. I will link one of several articles on this at the bottom of this bio. In short, I'm a fugitive of the state of NSW (I can't be extradited unless I commit a federal offence) for only 23g of mushrooms in a 5g bag. This lead to me being charged with 28g of pure psilocyn and instantly imprisoned. 25g is a seriously indictable offence with a 25yr max penalty in NSW and I luckily got bailed on medical grounds after serving 7.5wks on remand in some of Australia's most dangerous prisons (Tamworth remand and Cessnock supermax). I'm now an outspoken public speaker on this and many other topics, as is my father after witnessing my horrendous treatment by the state and first trying psychedelics at the age of 69 with profound healing. This lead to him becoming an outspoken law reform activist and wanting to share his incredible story of late life introduction to psychedelics, especially psilocybin mushrooms, while fighting the current abhorrent and unjust laws that hurt otherwise law abiding citizens with no want to break reasonable, ethical laws. I'm currently 32 and my father Murray is 70. I've been a highly active member of online knowledge sharing forums for over 17 years, moderating and administrating several forums and groups since 2007. Ive studied pharmacology and metallurgy, but can't currently work in these fields, due to my NSW fugitive status. I have spent over a decade as a volunteer or paid HR worker with groups such as Rave Safe Qld, Dancewize Vic and private HR groups at 100's of events to help my brother's and sisters in the festival/music scene which I've had an active attendance & performance role in since the late 90's. My first large electronic centric festival being rainbow serpent in 2001. I have attended every Entheogenesis Australis event since it's inception. I spoke with Paul Abaad about my story there last year, in between shifts at the Australian Psychedelic Society and DanceWize stall. Now I've moved back to SE Qld from Vic I feel a deep urge to apply to speak at this festival which I plan on attending either way. My father and I have spoken at Support Don't Punish Melbourne 2017, on stage at the Australian Psychedelic Society (APS) 920 mushroom conference in September 2017 to hundreds of people at a sold out venue. I have spoken at other APS events such as this year's winter mushroom event with my friend and the head of APS Nick Wallis about psychedelics and the law. More recently my father and I were Skyped into the Sydney APS 920 event last weekend (23 September) to share our story. We've also both spoken on the Enpsychedelia 3CR Melbourne radio show. I've spoken on this radio show alone about HR after events such as the injection centre rally for Nth Richmond or to share other knowledge on several occasions. My father and I would be honoured to speak at Earth Frequency 2018. I believe our talk would be very well received by all ages, as it has been in SE Australia over the past 2 years. It would help to get more people informed about the risks and what they can do to help change these laws in their state or country. I truly look forward to attending this gathering for the first time since being jailed in NSW whether I speak there or not. I know there will be a brilliant line up of speakers, performers, artists and musicians chosen by the EFF team. Hope to meet some of you there ­čĺť Here is a link to my story. It wouldn't let me upload many photos from my mobile, due to low resolution, but there's a pic of my father and I speaking in this article. I'm currently in outback Qld with terrible reception and no wifi, but can get hi resolution pictures to you if we are chosen to speak. I use tech very rarely/sparingly for health reasons. I don't have a website, Instagram, YouTube account and only have a FB account that I mostly use for administrating FB groups. Thanks for taking the time to read my bio and the rest of my submission. All the best in the lead up to EFF18!!!

Psychedelics and The Law - A true story

This is a knowledge packed, heart wrenching, yet heart warming talk that will give you a deep insight into psychedelics and the law in Australia. A true story of serious jail time for small amounts of psychedelic compounds and all of the consequences from almost unbearable negatives through to unbelievable positives in this personal, family experience from the front lines of the war on drugs. A war that ethical and otherwise law abiding citizens with no want to harm others are all too often caught up in. Daniel Witham and his father Murray intend on spreading awareness, mind blowing personal experiences and information on this highly important topic in this age of the psychedelic renaissance. Daniel will share his story of prison time and becoming a NSW fugitive, facing 25 years jail for only 28 grams (5g bag weight) of native psilocybe mushrooms in NSW. There will be information on what to do if you're caught with psychedelics or other substances, your rights, harm reduction in relation to substance use and a talk by his father Murray. Daniel's father has joined his son in the public arena to fight for law reform after first trying psilocybin mushrooms at the age of 69 in 2016 This has been a profound, life changing experience for both father and son. A horrific experience that has brought them closer, had many positive impacts and enabled them to share with you a plethora of knowledge on this important topic, mixed with their true stories that will genuinely make you think deeply and want to participate in the massive public shift that's needed to help end this failed war.