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Paul Forest


Paul Forest solved the Google algorithm in 2002 to become one of the world’s most successful Google marketeers. In the same year he established Australia’s largest search engine marketing company which connected him to leading thinkers and innovators around the world. Through his company, Paul worked closely with a software genius who taught him how to build Artificial Intelligence (AI). Paul then developed his own AI called Mantrix (fusion of Mantra and Matrix) which he now uses to manage large and complex advertising for multi-billion dollar corporations. Through his work Paul is able to generate financial support for Cluster while also studying the deeper mechanics of toxic power accumulation.

Reaching Impossible

For the thousands of years that humans have existed in large and complex societies, the collective power of humanity has grown. This power however has always been impossible for humans to manage due to the limitations of centralised organisational logic and the demands placed on humans who are not biologically equipped to manage vast power and complexity. Unable to manage global power, humans now find themselves facing a myriad of challenges, all threatening to end our collective existence on Earth. Within this time of global collapse we are also witnessing the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) which is far more capable of managing complex global power than humans. Given the speed of this development, it’s quite possible that human power will be under AI control by the end of this century. While solutions to humanity’s problems may seem impossible, Paul Forest believes that we must try to reach the impossible. For the past 15 years, Paul has dedicated himself to the development of a new type of global social architecture designed to connect and coordinate humans using the same decentralised logic that organises the vastly complex neural networks within the human brain. Due to its neural-like properties, he is calling this new architecture Cluster. As a fusion of large-scale Internet technologies like Google, Facebook and Blockchain, Cluster aims to manage complex decision-making and action-taking through an intelligent distribution of power that works within the limitations of human biology. The trajectory of Cluster is to create a global network of synergised local communities that link together to form a healthy collective intelligence that will be capable of managing the complexity of needs for billions of humans.