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A true expert and passionate leader in the industry of herbs and entheogens, Rays personal mission is to promote the appreciation, information, benefits, culture, use and availability of all natural plants and herbs. Ray first started on his mission in 1993 when he discovered that it was forbidden to make claims about herbs and therefore learn about the benefits and healing power of them. Ray dropped his corporate lifestyle to set out to change this and formed Happy Herb Co, which grew to over 55 stores around the globe. His book, Happy High Herbs, is now on it’s 8th edition and has sold almost 30,000 copies worldwide. Ray is famous for his courage in defending herbs and our right to enjoy all natural plants, and continues 25 years on as strong as ever. Rays talks are always popular and highly interesting.

Herbs for Happy Healthy Humans

Explore the world of herbs through the eyes and experience of Ray Thorpe. Learn of the great healing qualities, spiritual explorations and health benefits that the plant realms have to offer and how you can incorporate them into your daily life. Ray will also present what is happening with the laws in our country at this time, and how he has spent the past 25 years defending the rights to save herbal medicine and plants from being prohibited. Herb lore not herb law!! This talk aims to inspire anyone who respects the magic and healing qualities that nature has to offer. Happy, Healthy, and High on life with Herbs !!