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Tristan has been a Regression Therapist for ten years. He brings his in depth backround in Psychotherapy, Meditation, Quantum Healing, Cell Biology, Epigenetics, Kinesiology, Psychopharmacology, Sexual Health, Diet, Detox, Philosophy, Metaphysics, Taoism, Shamanism, Entheogens, Chi Gung, Kung Fu and Modern Medical Science to his clients, talks and workshops. He currently shares his skills as a therapist, life coach and councellor. Tristan has also been closely working with plant based entheogens for over 20 years. Tristan is the creator of Attunement Therapy

San Pedro and the Psychedelic Singularity

This talk is about the hypothetical role of San Pedro in Australasia in regards to aiding humanity's evolution on earth. I have been working with San Pedro for over 20 years. This is an overview of my findings. Key points - What is San Pedro? - Why do people like San Pedro? - What is the effect of ingestion of San Pedro? - How and why does this plant teach us to be better people? -What is the relationship with art and music? -Discussion of emotional physical healing -Discussion of learning from the plant and recording data -Quantum Physics and the psychedelic singularity -Growing your cactuses for your own growth and healing -Developing a healthy attitude to ingestion, dosage, and planning trips.