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Vishuddha Das

Educational Speaker & Best-Selling Author

Vishuddha Das (Koi Fresco) is a Spiritual Devotee, Author & Entrepreneur who studies under the Re-noun Vedantic Teacher Swami Sarvadevananda. At 25 years of age, he is the published author of two bestselling books, "A (Not So) Enlightened Youth" & "The Meditation Manual". Along with this Vishuddha Das runs an educational YouTube channel ( garnering over half a million subscribers, which focuses on helping us awaken our true self and thrive in this life, as well as hosting lectures and workshops around the globe.

How to Cultivate Loving Awareness in Daily Life

As a student of Vedanta under the Ramakrishna Lineage as well as a devotee of Ram Dass & Neem Karoli Baba, the nature of loving awareness sits at the foundation of spiritual truths & peace in one's life while interacting with the modern world as we play out our roles. An interaction that Vishuddha Das uses to an extensive degree in his own live to thrive fully in each moment. In this one hour lecture Visuddha Das will explain, using a variety of ancient Vedic teachings mixed with modern psychology how we can learn to embody what is known as 'Loving Awareness' (a term coined by Baba Ram Dass) in daily life, thus allowing us to awaken to our true nature, and love the experience of life in all it's forms through a way that was previously inaccessible to the majority of people worldwide.