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Local Area Considerations

Local Businesses and Charities

Please support the local community which hosts Earth Frequency by visiting the shops at Peak Crossing and Yamanto.  If possible, do your shopping locally before you head in to the festival. Consider fuelling up locally as you leave the festival.  We want Earth Frequency Festival to be a positive event for the local area and by supporting local businesses you can help us achieve this. 

At the festival you will notice several local community groups doing fundraising activities. Please support them and let them know how much you all appreciate being able to visit this special venue each year!

Thank you for helping us to be able to stage Earth Frequency in a respectful and positive manner for the local community.


Road Safety

This is a hugely important aspect of the festival and we need everyone on board to keep the festival safe and well regarded by the local area.  Please remember, if you drive under the influence you are not only risking your own life, but also the lives of your passengers and putting the local area residents at risk also.  

There will be a police road safety operation before and after the festival, and you can expect to be stopped and tested. Ask yourself .. is it worth risking your licence and your life?  Plan your drive times, and make sure you are well slept and sober.

In 2022 we will once again offer a drink and drug testing service which will be available at all times at the main First Aid tent, and at the festival exit on Monday and Tuesday.  If you are in doubt, please utilise this service and save yourself the risk.


Sneak-Ins and Trespassing

Ivory’s Rock is located in a rural neighbourhood area.  Feedback from previous events has raised some unfortunate points about the behaviour of a small percentage of festival attendees who choose to do the wrong thing and sneak in to the festival. Sneaking in to a festival is no different from stealing, and usually involves trespassing through neighbouring properties, littering, illegal parking, and there have even been incidents of illegal camping in private properties.  This is selfish and stupid behaviour, and it is not an exaggeration to say that it puts the festival at risk of not being able to return to our awesome venue in future years.  We are now forced to take a hardline approach to this issue to show our neighbours that this is not what the festival community is about.  At EFF2022 there will be an increased police presence at the festival ready to respond to any incidents of trespass and illegal parking. Don’t risk being arrested and charged, or having your car towed because this will happen.  It is unfortunate to have to put out such a strong message but when the actions of a few thoughtless people put an entire festival at risk, we have to take this hard approach. 



Ivory's Rock is a Land for Wildlife and high conservation property bordering a major public Conservation Estate. The region is home to a wide range of native fauna including koala, wallabies, snakes, goannas and more.  We ask that you drive slowly and carefully both in the festival venue and along Mount Flinders Rd.  The speed limit along Mount Flinders Rd is 60km/h, however in reduced visibility or where pedestrians, horse and bike riders are present, please drive even slower.

Please also keep in mind that Earth Frequency is a pet-free event. As much as we all love our furry friends, Ivory’s Rock has it’ own furry residents and for this and other reasons, dogs, cats, and any other pets are not permitted at the festival.  If you are unable to find a carer for your pets for your visit to Earth Frequency, there is a locally based pet hotel - If you see anyone sneaking in or without a wristband at the festival, please advise our friendly security.



When you drive to and from the festival - please do not litter. This includes not throwing rubbish out of your window, but also making sure that any trailer loads or roof baskets are all well secured.  For any festival patrons with campervans or caravans, please enquire at the info tent if you require a sullage point at the end of the festival and you will be advised of a location. Please do not empty your sullage anywhere except for a safe sullage point at the festival venue.


Peak Crossing Township

Peak Crossing is home to many families.  Please be respectful when passing through the township.  Please do not park for extended periods of time or set up temporary campsites in the park or other public spaces.  If you need to camp before or after the festival, please visit one of these links to find a suitable campground.


Covid-19 Considerations

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, extra care and consideration is required to remain respectful of the local community. Please follow these guidelines when visiting Peak Crossing, Yamanto, Ipswich, and any other localities.

  • If you are feeling unwell, do not visit the local townships, businesses and public venues.
  • Before entering any local business or public venue, use sanitiser and practice good hygiene.
  • Respect any social distancing requirements, contact tracing procedures and capacity limitations in the local businesses and public venues.