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Corner Store at the end of the Rainbow

All things earthy. Visual Arts, Children's books (Written illustrated and self published by myself) along with all things earth conscious like hemp, bamboo festival cutlery, steel straws. Herbs and sage for smudging, some crystals etc I also offer aroma touch sound and essential oil healings, which I do in the back part of the stall. Providing alternate medicine and first aid like bamboo band aids, bamboo tooth brushes and tea tree toothpaste - things which people may forget to bring and need a the festival. Example: rescue remedy if someone goes to high or gets anxiety, Zen ointment for sore dancing muscles - all in travel size bottles. I buy all my stock wholesale, only the art is made by myself. But I source only natural and ethical products in rainbow colours where possible. Se for people to keep clear energy at the festival. As a healer, I come with intuitive and free consults to help people find the medicines they need for basic issues.