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We are Andras and Niki, clothes designers and owners of a little shop called “Etnix” in the heart of Byron Bay. We are a small family business and after many years of doing markets and festivals in Australia and Europe our shop has been open for nine years. We still often do a stall at the local markets and travel to many festivals around the country. We have participated in many European festivals over the past decade as well as Melbourne’s St Kilda night markets, Splendour in the Grass, Rainbow Serpent Festival, Subsonic Festival, Canberra National Folk Festival and Woodford Folk Festival in the years past , just to name a few. At Woodford Folk Festival we would like to sell mainly clothes designed and made by ourselves and a few pieces made by our friends. We also would like to sell some handmade leather accessories such as pocket belts as well as some handmade jewellery such as necklaces and bracelets. We also have some colourful cotton bags. Most of our stock in our stall is made locally by us although a small percentage is made by our friends overseas. This year again we’re happy to present our very own creations designed and made by Andras and his wife Niki. We have again come up with a brand new man’s and a woman’s collection carefully made to be colourful, funky, stylish and vibrant in a style that we hope appeals to all ages. It’s made under our own label Etnix. We worked very hard this year so we can be fully self reliant and able to express our creativity in our clothes. This time we used cotton and also leather to make our clothes and belts. Our 2014-15 collection is hopefully our best and most diverse yet. Photos of the new designs can be seen on our website and we will be sending lots of pictures of them to you in the supporting material in the post. We sincerely hope you will like them. Our inspiration comes from our travels and years spent with indigenous cultures around the globe. We are inspired by their art and their culture as well as the international festival scene where we have for many years been participating as dancers and as stall holders. Our year our collection has strongly been inspired by the burlesque, the circus , the festival life styles. We love the circus the cabaret and our clothing represents this. We use frills and leathers and lace to make our clothing range. Our aim this year is elegance and pure comfort. Our vibrant colourful and tribal clothes were made to celebrate life, created by festival goers for festival goers, by dancers for dancers. We are always consciously promoting sustainability and environmental awareness using, where possible, only natural materials in our designs. This year again we have two ranges that are made only from organic cotton. We make most of our clothes ourselves, sometimes with the help of friends and family. Sometimes we do work with tailors too, always making sure that fairness and personal contact is a priority! We only work with friends and family. As travellers and global citizens we have met many creative designers along our journeys and now bring them together as a collective in our shop “Etnix” All of them are close friends and have very small limited productions mostly made by hand and at home. As a very small percentage of our stall we would like to showcase their designs alongside ours. This year as always we are paying very special attention that our stall looks amazing also at night by using special decoration such as flags, parasols and artwork and beautiful lighting. We feel that making our stall beautiful and attractive to the eye we can contribute to the visual and fun aspect of the festival. We have some very special decorations this year made by our friend and artist Dream time- as well as some beautiful hanging lights from Bali and India to illuminate our stall. We would like to make our stall have the feel of the Moulin Rouge / or an Oriental Beautiful home. Please feel free to visit our website to see some of the designs we would like to sell at Woodford Folk Festival. We sincerely hope that this year we can contribute to the diversity that Woodford Folk Festival represents with our colourful and vibrant stall. With Gratitude Andras and Niki