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The Mad Hatter's Craft Party

A creative space unfolds from the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, where young and old, novice and artisan, re-imagine and re-create our world with special alchemy, turning metaphorical lead into gold. At the Mad Hatter’s Craft Party there is no trash – only treasure! We use our imaginations and range of talents to repair, upcycle and reinvent anything from shoes to hairpieces, musical instruments to camping gear, brews and potions, and all betwixt and between. There’s plenty of treasure in our horde, or bring your own and funk it up with us. AND Dress-ups and musical theatre are always on the cards. Some of the things we upcycle and reinvent (from natural and recycled stuff): Clothing and costumery, Accessories, Hat & hair ornaments, Toys, Props, Dress-ups! & Brews and potions. on Facebook: The Mad Hatter's Tea PARTy @hashedtogether