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The Outdoor Fun Shop

Earth Frequency regulars know The Outdoor Fun Shop is simply the place for all your festival and party needs. We've been your favourite shop for electric rainbows and funky UV face and body makeup and accessories for years. Added to that is our huge range of poi, light sticks, wands, gloves and other fun stuff for your smooth groove (or herky jerky awkwardness - both are good.). We’ve been searching the World for the best and brightest dance, performance, festival accessories, gadgets and gizmo’s for nearly a decade now, and bringing them to you all over Australia so you can fly your freak flag high. Specialising in astonishingly bright UV reactive, cosmetics such as face and body paint, chalks, crayons and glitter, with a huge range of special FX diffraction and kaleidoscopic eyewear, the most amazing LED performance toys from all types of poi, space whips, LED hoops, ropes, gloves, orbits and more. We have the best stuff, at the best prices, from the best companies, for the best festivallers … in the world!