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Manav Satija a.k.a Alaya Sounds has been exploring conscious, boundary-pushing electronic music for the past 15 years as both a DJ and producer. His journey into sound has led him up, down, around, and through rabbit-holes of creative inspiration and expression, and has fostered a deep appreciation for electronic music's ineffable potential for catalysing moments of groovy, head-shaking, body-breaking, dance-floor shenanigans. The emphasis of his DJ sets is on high fidelity, deep textures and complex grooves and his sets are rarely confined to music from a single genre. In recent times Manav has often taken to stage with a modular synth to offer a dynamic, semi-live hybrid set which draws from his depth of experience as a producer and performer. Manav has performed at Rainbow Serpent Festival (2018, 2017, 2016); Subsonic Festival (2017); Subsonic Festival Launch Party (2017); Oddly Wholesome Festival (2014) and Wide Open Spaces Festival (2015, 2016)