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A collaboration at the forefront of Brisbane’s electronic music scene, APRÓ + Wilma comprise of two bold and innovative women who share strong classical roots and a passion for the deep, emotive and sometimes quirky side of house music. The duo formed in early 2018 after discovering an alignment in each other’s abilities, musical focus and their mutual appreciation for a very specific sound – deep, driving, tribal rhythms and hypnotic melodies that touch the soul. The affinity between the pairing –APRÓ’s distinct and multi-faceted sound, playfully articulated and deeply expressed through her skillful, journey-style mixing; with Wilma’s world-class technique, intuitive musicality and eagerness to evolve in a new direction – is an effortless balance of contrast and cohesiveness in their creative vision. From the first rehearsal, APRÓ + Wilma without a doubt had stumbled across something special and a unique take on DJ and live musical performance. With a booking for the second year in a row at Earth Frequency (EFF) 2018, APRÓ stepped out of her box and had Wilma join her set on the Sanctuary Stage – a moment in time that touched the collective spirit surrounding them, whilst catching the attention of unsuspecting peers - leading to a feature set warming up for Melbourne duo The Journey for Open Records 10 year label showcase and a booking at Rabbits Eat Lettuce 2018, both the month following EFF. Since then, the year has gained much momentum, as the girls have made appearences for Melt, The Wonky Queenslander and Elements Festival 2018. Together APRÓ + Wilma are an unstoppable female force that projects talent, teamwork and artistic vision with particular emphasis on inticate, wordly rhythms and deep, enchanting phrases transcending audiences into an ethereal alternate reality.