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Meet the new Badass in town Mr "B Goode". Formally known as "Bhakti the Nectar cow". Times are changing fast! Bhakti is evolving into his next stage and is taking it upon himself to manifest more light, positivity, creativity and GOOD into our current oversterilized society . With this in mind he has decided to liberate the former name and release the cow to greener pastures. B Goode will still be bringing the same great variety of nectar rich sounds. Bhakti has the fine talent to elevate you. Warm up the heart strings with blissful live harmonica and flute (the flute which you can trust are hand crafted by him from wildly harvested bamboo) . Only to anchor you back to the earth, deep into the dance floor with absolute booty shaking beats. Get ready for a super saucy, delectable, soul satisfying journey through sound. Prepare to move your hips and stomp your feet into a new sound dimension taking in essences of melodic tech house, hip hop, funk and straight up beautiful, where every step is a dance and every word a song. Bhakti is a dj , a musician, an artist, a father, grandfather and a passionate creative ready to dish out a dose of the goode stuff. It likely that you have already witness the good stuff in action whether that is "B Goode" as "Nectar Cow" or through one of his many collaborative performances with artists such as "Dysphemic", "Liquid Bloom", "Desert Dwellers", "Lub Dub", "Grouch n Dub" to name just a few. Perhaps you have moved off the dance floor and straight into his yoga and sound healing duo by the name of "Bhakti and the Bumblebee". Final words from Mr "B Goode" is anything goes as long as its good.