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Bhakti Goode, known by his DJ name "Bhakti The Nectar Cow" is a skilled musician and sound healer. Talented in a vast range of instruments, specialising in bansuri flute and harmonica. Bhakti's early schooling began in India, where he began learning traditional Indian instruments and mantra chanting. Bhakti utilises a life time of learning on stage and along side yoga classes for an uplifting, explosive experience. Bhakti the nectar cow is known for his super saucy beats. Mixing super silky beautiful sounds, with worldly flavours, live instruments and mantra with dirty dance floor beats. You will find him every weekend on the Gold Coast, as resident DJ at Cardamon Pod. Or already this year you may have caught him at Earth Frequency, Cognitive Roots or Tropical Bloom. You will also find him at the upcoming Nunyarra festival. This year Bhakti has persued more independent projects. However has been greatly honoured to have had super magical collaborations with a great variety of talented artists, including: Desert Dwellers, Liquid Bloom, Lub Dub, Oka, Birrang miil and Beatrix to name a few.