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USA (Addictech)

'Birds of Paradise' is popularly known as the psychedelic duo 'Bird of Prey' and 'Gibson'. Tyler (Gibson) is now continuing the musical journey solo, bringing in new sounds and collaborations with various musicians. With over a decade of producing, his creations are masterful in quality and vision. His music is capable of enhancing and creating psychedelic states and effortlessly guiding the mind and soul through a journey of various tempos. “His music features dynamic voyages that spin us through the cosmos. Experimental, and pulling ideas and techniques from many genres, the production quality of the individual sounds is something special, drawing listeners in with compellingly beautiful and mysterious tones. Wizard music for the 21st Century, it conjures images of ancient rites and dire space battles. Added narrative and ambitious melodies will carry these atmospheric beats to new levels.” -Lost in Sound