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Brother Beans is the musical moniker of Rupert Faust, founder of Beanstalk Records and Grounded Permaculture Action Party (Inc.), As a producer, DJ, MC, dance-floor activator, community-organiser, permaculture-designer and earth-regenerator, Brother Beans is at the forefront of a cultural movement on the mission to care for the earth, its people and our collective future. The music he creates tells that story. Brother Beans seamlessly blends rEvolutionary folk, electronic and hip hop music into a fusion of delectable aural treats intentionally created to raise the vibration of consciousness. His life's purpose is to create and hold space for his like-minded soul-tribe to flourish into their full potential - whether it be on festival stages making crowds move with a posse full of hyped up MC’s as Freestyle Mafia, or in the studio working with artists to produce the soundtrack to the rEvolution - Brother Beans is in service to a handful of uber-talented under-ground creatives who have demonstrated a life-long dedication, authenticity and integrity to their art.