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Bringing his rare dark flavour to the ever-bright Sunshine Coast of Australia, CAIN weaves subtle intricacies with intensified sound design and powerful rhythms, that ebb & flow like the very waves he grew among. Embarking on the refinement of his unique tone, CAIN explores the earthy realms of bush techno, raids the strengths of hard hitting progressive and billows through the melodic winds. A sharp new member of the Stone Seed label family, CAIN has already made his mark with releases on Stone Seed itself, John 00 Fleming’s JOOF imprint, Digital Diamonds, Frisson and with Recovery Collective under his Willing & Abel duo alias. Captivating sonic expeditions and an honestly positive attitude have seen CAIN gain serious momentum, performing at Portugal’s prestigious BPM Festival in addition to the main stages of Rabbits Eat Lettuce, Elements and Synergy festivals in his home country.