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Boasting some advanced production skills and a truly eclectic approach to music, Chamberlain is a new artist to watch out for within the glitch family. His tracks are direct and driven, bass-heavy and powerful, combining elements of either hip-hop, funk and worldly elements. The Melbourne-based artist mastered the skill of combining thought-provoking production values with fresh aesthetics and gripping melodies, making for a unique set of songs and flow of music. Chamberlain has played gigs ranging from many Australian festivals including Rainbow Dragon Dreamin, Mushroom Valley and Australia’s largest psychedelic festival, Rainbow Serpent, as well as international stages including Global Eclipse Gathering in Oregon Envision Festival on the beach and jungle in Costa Rica. Furthermore Chamberlain’s discography extends to a number of releases through Delicious Music, Gravitas Records, Westwood Recordings, Adapted Records and Glitch Hop Community.