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CHÂUX MAISON is a Vietnamese-Australian producer and DJ, based in Australia. He is a fresh-faced regular in the flourishing Brisbane house scene. With classical training in piano and cello, CHÂUX seeks to coalesce his cultural roots in the fierce spirit of sound, fusing progressive house and minimal with a classical timbre and trills of the orient, inflected with inspiration from his residings in Perugia (ITL), Leeds (UK), and San Jose (USA). CHÂUX MAISON was raised on a strange musical diet of Vietnamese classical ballads and post-war interpretations of rock and disco. In this experimental wave of the 70s-90s, artists would blend electric guitars with 16-string zithers -- nailing power chords while singing of famine and heartbreak and the endless mountains, in regional dialects. “An incredibly talented Dj who’s always got the perfect track up his sleeve. His zest for sound is addictive.” - AVAXA In his short span behind the decks, CHÂUX has fielded a delicious variety of performances, highlights include an extensive tour of Burning Man 2019 on premiere Australian theme camps: Frothin' Weirdos, Priscilla Queen of the Doof, Wonky Queenslander, and Sacred Cow stages. CHÂUX lives at the doof, and has played at a little too many to remember, but his favourites are Earth Frequency, Jungle Love, Expression Sessions, Rabbits Eat Lettuce, and Elements. When he isn't running amok or behind the decks, CHÂUX is the ears behind the Wonky Queenslander, and annoys Love Camp by hiding their cushions.