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Individually, De La Haye & Kosha D have been flying the Drum & Bass/Jungle flag in Brisse since the early noughties. De La Haye orchestrated seminal nights Junglettes and Rukus for 18 years, whilst Kosha D was part of the Moon Bar rinsing Phat alBeats crew. Sharing similar tastes with the deep, funky & dubby vibes, relaxed attitudes & an obscure yet elaborate sense of humour, the two joined forces to form the Junkyard Sessions monthly. 10 years later & Junkyard’s still running strong. Calling Rumpus Room, West End home for eight years, Junkyard has showcased a wide range of local, interstate & international artists, as well as playing internationally together at the 2018 renowned Sun & Bass Festival in Italy (after De La Haye had played 8 previous festivals solo). Kosha D's first release on 8Ball Audio reached #1 on Beatport with both his solo release & collab with local badman Operon under the alias Mojo Dojo. Like porcupines & balloons.. cats & laser pointers, or, drum & bass, the Junkyard duo compliment perfectly. Twisting & turning through the gamut of sonic shades in DNB, Jungle & dub, they keep one another in check. Like a game of volcano tennis, Junkyard could explode at any moment.