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Fabio Leal is internationally recognized as a maestro of his craft who specialises in bridging light to dark energies and extended journey sets. His DJ sets are composed with a tasteful catalogue of diverse styles and unreleased material. He conveys his storytelling with advanced mixing techniques and layering over a unique combination of equipment, allowing him to delve deeper into his interpretation of the Zenonesque sound. Fabio was the first Brazilian invited to the Zenon Records cast. He had been a strong ambassador of the Zenon style for some time already. The invitation helped him further advance the label in his home country. Having gained undeniable credibility in the underground, it wasn’t long before Fabio would grace some of the world's largest stages. On numerous occasions, he has been granted peak time slots and honourable extended sets at iconic festivals, such as Boom Festival (3-hour set 2016,’18), Modem Festival (4-hour set 2018,‘19), and many others. Fabio has recently relocated to down under, where he now calls Australia home.