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Twisted Lotus / Neva Ending Beats

Fraktal Faerie began her journey into the world of Audio Production in 2016. In 2018 she released her first slbum with Twizted Lotus Records, "Manifestation". which consists of three progressive psytrance tracks created to resonate with you on a healing level. Fraktal Faerie is the creation of Lacey-Marie Burton, a passionate musician with a love of mixing and producing progressive and psychedelic trance, Drum & bass & Tech - house. Fraktal Faerie began her dj career in 2014. Scoring sets at local parties until slowly she was playing alongside the many international and local artists she looked up to. She quickly found herself amidst some of the biggest parties; bush doofs, festivals and clubs in Australia playing dj sets of progressive trance, tech- house & drum and bass. Her exited and humble approach to what she does lights up the dancefloor in an explosion of energy, fun and passion which enhances the heartfelt melodies, soul - touching samples and huge bass frequencies. There is a message that comes with seeing and hearing Fraktal Faerie - Be yourself. We can do anything if we want to. If you follow your dreams you can go anywhere you lilke - With mixing skills, hilarious face pulling and lots of laughter Fraktal Faerie shares what she believes to be her own type of magic. With an acoustic background and an ear for music, Fraktal Faerie delivers sets driven by massive, choppy basslines and loves nothing more than igniting a big crowd of people to dance.