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AUS (Corymbia Recordings)

Still on his endless quest for melodies and the correct sound to voice them, griff has been on quite the journey of late. Having traversed to globe to play highly respected festivals such as Symbiosis, Shambhala, Boom, Infrasound and of course Burning Man, griff also recently finished writing and producing his third full length album and released it on his own moniker "Corymbia Recordings". As well as crafting his own new release, griff is closing in on completion of unique collaborations with Kodiak Kid (as Scoville95), Bumble, Jpod, Mindex, Eastward, Cord and more. If that's not enough, griff is also stashing a large swag of so-far unreleased drum n bass tunes that have been tearing up dancefloors and gaining fans wherever he plays.