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Kinematic Records - Australia

Hypnagog is a musical project of Felix Fractal aka Terrafractyl. Felix trained as a classical musician, playing bassoon with several professional orchestra's around Australia before switching to electronic music full time. Incorporating analog modular synthesizers, home brew software and his piano skills led to Felix becoming known worldwide for his psytrance project Terrafractyl. After years of writing psychedelic dance-floor music, Felix started to combine different genres of music into his other project Hypnagog. Downtempo, IDM, breaks, techno, trance, classical minimalism, jazz, all get spun together, sometimes within the same track. Pushing the envelope of what is thought of as electronic music, by constantly twisiting the tempo and time signature, really define the sound of Hypnagog. It could be described as downtempo experimental classical extronica. Or perhaps psychedelic progStep? Felix's music is hard to define and difficult to put into boxes, but has been surprising and exhilarating audiences around the world for nearly a decade.