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Travelling is your ancestral birth right. This set will take your deep into your body and soul. Come and travel with us, ecstatically. As this techno-shamanic interactive medium of sound allows people to reconnect with themselves, others, nature, and the inexplicable. Music is medicine and IKIGAI is your soul doctor today. Express, commune, heal and attain the primordial, raw state of bliss that is our birth right through dance. Let IKIGAI take you on a journey to yourself. Opening for the likes of Deya Dova, Elijah Ray (Usa), Kasabian (UK) and more, this gal is set to bring the fire. A multicultural DJ performance, including live electronic drumming, vocals, and a stomping rhythm. This world nomad, Ikigai (Aus) carries deep codes of frequency and vibrations from many long forgotten cultures. She aims to be a channel to source always, connecting the rainbow bridges between worlds as a gateway into the expansive. Come connect with your roots - this gal brings an Indigenous tribal spirit into the present moment with a rhythmic heart beat you want to hug.